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World of Beauty summer box

Hi fairies, Even though it’s rainy and cold and it doesn’t feel like summer I’m sure the weather will soon change to sunny and we could lay on the beach and get a tan! We all love a bit of a tan, don’t we? It’s important to protect our skin from sun rays and sun damage to achieve a nice tan, I actually use sunblock all year round, not just in summer, but it’s even more crucial when sun is very hot and I use quality products because sun damage is no joke. I have used World of Beauty sunblock last year and I loved it so I’m really happy to have the chance to use it this year as well!

The absolute Sun SPF 30 beauty sun for face and body is empowered with pure vitamin E, it’s proven to UVA rays protection UVB rays protection Anti-oxidant Lightweight Moisturizing Water-Proof UVA-UVB Spf Protection Filter and Mediterranean Carrot Extract Provides all you need for outstanding UVA protection: high long-wave UVA absorption, against deeply penetrating UV rays and at the same time the strongest preventi…

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