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World of beauty neroli vivace nuova linea / new line

Hi fairies, I’m very pleased to have the chance to try the new Neroli Vivace line by World of beauty and I’m thrilled to talk about it today! World of Beauty is an Italian Brand founded in 1969 in Castrocaro Terme, they  use the purest herbs and they’ve perfected the craft of fresh vegetable stem cells extraction to obtain 100% pure essential oils. All their products are “organic” ecogroup,paraben free, paraffin free, cruelty free to give their customers high quality products and respect the environment. For the Neroli Vivace line they use Neroli oil, which is an essential oil made out of blossoms of the bitter orange tree; its scent is sweet and honeyed, very pleasant and relaxing. In the amazing box I received there was the Neroli Cream mithique for neck and face formulated with Silene, Pracaxi and Acerola. This cream has a firming effect on dull skin, it minimizes wrinkles, it makes skin smoother, softer and glowy and, all in all, it will look younger and fresh. It’

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