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Sunday, 20 October 2013

cheshire cat nail art

Let's start with nail art, something l love as much as make up ..I'm not a pro,I'm a self learner and I've started a couple of years ago though I've painted my nails since forever. First attempts were not exacdly a success, my hand wasn't steady at all and I couldn't draw a straight line no matter how much I tried. I'm stubborn and l kept practicing and now I'm a bit better but I've still got lots and lots to learn :) this is something l did not long time ago, I love cheshire cat and if you love him too you'll love this nail art!
 I painted my nails with a purple polish and then , using a striper brush, I randomly drew diagonal lines to recreat Cheshire cat body pattern; I added fuchsia rhinestones and glitters just because a nail art isn't complete without them!


  1. You ARE a pro. Wow! I'm going to try this. It's sooo pretty and I love everything Alice-related :).

    1. l love Alice too and Cheshire cat is my favourite, this one is easy actually if you try it you have to show me:)