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Friday, 29 November 2013

Christmas shopping tips? Too Faced Jingle all the way Palette my review

Here’s another Christmas gift idea for you! It’s a compact palette from Too Faced, a brand that you sure know about and that has got extremely good products on the market with attention to packaging , new trends and, most important of all, quality.

They came out with this palette for Christmas with a captivating packaging and compact size but the big surprise they got in store for us is that you get two gifts in one , the palette itself and the palette case that actually is an iphone 5 case designed exclusively by Mary McDonald, a tv host and celebrity decorator!

The palette is 25$ and you’ll get 9 eyeshadows plus two highlighter shades for a total of 11 eyeshadows. They’re all shimmery apart the highlight ones and they go from a very nice sparkly black to a champagne color, from a sky blue to a baby pink and from a deep brown to a taupe so you can create many different looks, from neutral ones to smokey eye to colorful ones perfect for holiday season! Even those of you neutral girls are tempted to dare at Christmas time and it’s the right time to do so! The shadows are velvety and easy to blend. You’ll find a bronzer and a pink blush to complete the palette, both are a bit shimmery and they blend out beautifully to give you rosy cheeks without being too bright. 

It’s perfect to travel with as it’s the same size of an iphone 5 and you get everything you need for everyday makeup just by tossing it in your handbag!

Personally I think it’s a great gift for young girls and for those of us that love tech and makeup!
I haven’t seen any other palette set that comes with a gift not makeup related but I might have missed it , anyway I think too faced got a very good idea!

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