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Thursday, 14 November 2013

naked3 here I come!

it's been few days since Urban Decay announced the launch of Naked3 palette and there's lot of excitement about it! I have to be honest ..I haven't got Naked nor Naked2 palette ( I know, I know..) because I didn't like colours that much. I'm not a neutral girl, I like bright colours that's why they aren't appealing to me even though they've got very useful colours for everyday looks and for those that feel comfortable wearing subtle makeup. I bought the Naked Basic palette though, yes I did and I myself was surprised by my choice (it's a long story actually..I first bought it as a gift and I tried it and I liked it)! It is an awesome palette, eyeshadows are very pigmented and they blend beautifully as you already know, and it's one of my favourite, that's why I looked at Naked3 palette pics and swatches with a different attitude :) I have to say I like the Naked3 a lot and I'm gonna buy it for sure! The Naked 3 will focus on rose neutrals and features a variety of shimmery, satin, and  3, if I'm right, matte shades , all in the pink/nude range of colours. xsparkage posted a review, swatches and one look with this palette on her youtube channel and I love all colours, they're pretty unique and they all got such a beautiful pink undertone! It's a must have in my opinion, I can't wait to grab it. it will be sold at 52$ and it should be available by the end of november!

Da qualche giorno Urban Decay ha annunciato l’uscita della Naked3 palette e c’è stato tanto entusiasmo per la notizia! Se devo essere onesta, vi dico che non ho nè la Naked nè la Naked2 ( lo so, lo so..) perché nessuna delle due mi ha particolarmente colpito. Non sono un’amante dei colori neutri, amo i colori accesi, questo è il motivo che mi ha spinto a non comprarle, anche se riconosco che sono,entrambe,perfette per look da giorno e per tutte coloro che preferiscono un trucco neutro. Ho comprato però la Naked Basic palette, ebbene sì, e mi sono sorpresa anche io della mia scelta (è una storia lunga, era un regalo, l’ho provata, mi è piaciuta e l’ho presa)! E’ una palette da avere, gli ombretti sono molto pigmentati e si sfumano senza fatica come sicuramente già saprete, ed è a pieno titolo una delle mie preferite! Ecco perché sono stata subito incuriosita dalla Naked3 e, dopo aver visto le prime foto e swatches, la comprerò di sicuro! Xsparkage ha postato review , swatches ed un look sul suo canale youtube e mi sono innamorata di tutti i colori, sono unici e sono accomunati da un bellissimo sottotono rosa! E’ un must have secondo me, non vedo l’ora di averla tra le mani! Sarà venduta a 52$ e dovrebbe essere disponibile a fine novembre!


  1. oooh this looks really pretty, i love the many shades of pink. tbh i have no real clue what suits me make-up wise, just starting to experiment so lots to discover. thank you for all the inspiration and updates, miss make-up guru <3

  2. it looks very pretty and I'm definitely gonna buy it,I love pink and I think it suits any skin tone , everybody can pull it off it all depends on what shade you pick! I'd say you'd look gorgeous in pink , in green and also in coppery shades :) but you could pull off purple too my pixie! I'm not a pro but I'm glad to help you out if you need it!