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Monday, 25 November 2013

rainbow and stars nail art

One of my favourite thing is rainbow and sparkles and they are often featured in my nail arts, they give that magic touch I just need to feel happy, to smile and spread fairy dust around ! I happened to need an extra fairy dust boost because I had to cut my nails and l thought nothing would have been better than rainbow nails! I wanted to add cute stars as if sparkles and colors weren’t enough! I painted my nails white as background for rainbow colors and to make them more vibrant and then I used a striper brush to paint my rainbow which isn't a traditional rainbow, it's more like a green/yellow rainboe.  I then moved on to acrylic paints to create my starsJ first l draw black stars and then with a dotting tool l filled them in with yellow.

Amo l’arcobaleno e tutte le cose che brillano, infatti entrambe sono spesso presenti nelle mie nail arts per aggiungere quel tocco magico che serve a rendermi felice, a farmi sorridere e a spargere polvere magica dovunque ce ne sia bisogno! Purtroppo ho dovuto accorciare le unghie e mi serviva proprio un’iniezione di colore e di brillantini per farmi sorridere, quindi ho immediatamente provveduto a realizzare una nail art con i colori dell’arcobaleno che non è un tradizionale arcobaleno ma è declinato nei toni del giallo e verde e , come se non bastasse, ho aggiunto delle stelle!

Dopo aver applicato il base coat ho applicato una passata di smalto bianco così da rendere i colori dell’arcobaleno più vivi e vibranti; ho usato uno striper brush per applicare i diversi colori. Per le stelle ho usato pittura acrilica J le ho dipinte in nero e poi le ho riempite di giallo con un dotting tool.

 Products used :

Kiko nail polish nr 356

Kiko nail polish nr 295

Kiko nail polish nr 391

Kiko nail polish nr 314

Kiko nail polish nr 299

Kiko nail polish nr 291

Sinful colors nail polish nr 944 innocent

Sinful colors nail polish nr 79 opal glitter

H&M nail polish in going bananas

Debby nail polish color play top 10

Opi nail polish in snow white

Kiko 3 in 1 shine fortyfing fast dry base and top coat

Americana acrylic paint in black and yellow


  1. rainbows and stars, this is so very you. oh and i LOVE your background, so adorably pretty. fairy silvia <3

  2. ♥ thank you I'm still looking for backgrounds but so far this is the cutest i've found :) yep fairy silvia and pixie talitha!