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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

ladybug nails

It’s a bit early for ladybugs to show up , we will have to wait spring time but in the meantime why not to paint them on our nails? It’s very cold outside but that can’t stop us from daydreaming of spring and blue sky and sunny weather!

I painted my thumb and ring finger with a bright green and on my other nails l applied my favourite nail polish, Dior orange psychedelique, a unique coral/red/ strawberry color, and I left my half moons free so that I could outline them in forest green. With a dotting tool l painted five black dots on each nail and then, using a smaller size one, l painted white dots .on my green nails l painted a ladybug and l framed it with black and white dots.

Italian version:

E’ ancora presto perchè le coccinelle si facciano vedere, dobbiamo aspettare la primavera, ma nel frattempo nulla ci vieta di dipingerle sulle nostre unghie! Fuori fa freddo ma noi possiamo sognare ad occhi aperti di cieli azzurri e sole tiepido!

Ho dipinto in verde prato il pollice e l’indice, mentre sulle altre unghie ho applicato il mio smalto preferito, dior orange psychedelique, un colore unico che è un mix fra corallo,rosso, rosa fragola. Ho lasciato le lunette senza smalto , in modo da poterle poi sottolineare con una linea di verde bosco. Con un dotting tool ho dipinto cinque pallini neri su ogni unghia e poi, passando ad una misura più piccola, li ho alternati con pallini bianchi. Sulle unghie verdi ho dipinto una coccinella e l’ho circondata di puntini bianchi e neri.

Products used:

Kiko 3 in 1 shine fortyfing base and top coat

Dior nail polish nr 545 orange psychedelique

Mavala nail art sparkling red nr 226

Kiko nail polish nr 297

Sinful colors nail polish in Innocent nr 944 

Kiko frozen nail polish nr 04


  1. love your lady bugs ! i use to make similar nail art ,but your lady bugs are so cute !well done !

    1. thank you, l've just checked yours and it's so well done and more detailed than mine, it's beautiful!

    2. your lady bug is so cute.i did it several time and every time different inspiration :-) i do really love your nail art ! and thanks for your compliments !

    3. thank you :) Im still learning but lm happy you like it! yours are all beautiful, youre really good at it!

  2. Oh my gosh, these are so amazing, what a beautiful job you did in capturing the ladybug look! WOW! I usually use a stamper to create dots on my nails but this can be a bit limiting. I'm going to go on eBay right this minute and buy a dotting tool so I can emulate this look. Thank you fairy girl for all the inspiration! <3

    1. thank you!! ♥ l think you could try dotting your nails, you can even use a toothpic, its very easy :) else ebay is your friend, l buy lots of nail stuff from ebay!