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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Haul the body shop and my review

Maybe it’s just me but when I get a package in my hands the excitement is real and everytime it’s like waking up on Christmas morning and running down the stairs to unwrap your presents! So today The Body Shop order has been delivered and I’m so delighted! I am a very happy fairy! This is what I bought ( ehm …I didn’t take pics of doubles and triples I’ve got ..let’s just say I love stocking up or maybe it’s better say I have to stock up it’s more of an addiction ..!!) :  

Vitamin E eye cream: a very good cream that keeps eye bags at bay and it moisturizes the under eye area without being heavy or sticky. It gets absorbed quickly and your skin will be hydrated and smooth for hours! It smells amazing, like baby powder, I love it! I’ve been using it for over a year now and I’m gonna stick to it! It might be a bit too rich for very young and oily skin though. With shea butter from community fair trade. Price is 11 euros and a bit goes a long way.

Body Butter Vanilla bliss : a very true to vanilla scent, buttery, warm and cozy, it’s perfect all year round in my opinion; it leaves my skin moisturized for hours though if your skin is dry you might need to reapply it because it’s not one of the most hydrating body butters in their range but it is perfect for normal to oily skin. With shea butter, cocoa butter and Brazilian nut butter and vanilla extracts from community fair trade. Parabens free. Price 17 euros.

Body Butter ginger sparkle : this is my absolute favourite, it smells of gingerbread cookies just out of the oven, you can smell ginger of course, cloves and cinnamon and it’s so festive and Christmassy you just have to try it out and I promise you you won’t regret it! With shea butter, cocoa butter and Brazilian nut butter and ginger extracts from community fair trade. Parabens free.  Price 17 euros.

Sparkly body lotion ginger sparkle: it’s not as rich as the body butter but it’s nourishing and light at the same time and it gives your skin a nice glow that lasts forever! Warning: If you’re not a sparkles addict this isn’t the product for you! With shea butter, sesame oil and babassu oil from community fair trade. Parabens free. Price 10 euros

Ginger sparkle hand cream: it will leave your hands smelling of gingercookies, ginger, cinnamon and cloves and I love it! Once again if you’re not a foodie scent lover you’d better pick another scent because this one is strong and true to its name. It’s a good hand cream to keep on your desk at work and put it on every now and then , it’s not sticky and it’s not heavy and for this reason it’s not the right cream for very dry hands or for those of you that need an extra protection against very cold weather. It comes in 30 ml and it’s not as moisturizing as almond hand cream or hemp cream , I bought it mostly because of the scent but it sure isn’t a good bargain it’s more like a treat !With beeswax, babassu oil and cocoa butter from community fair trade. Parabens free. Price 6 euros. 

Seaweed purifying facial cleanser : I’ve been using it since …well since forever, and it’s still my favourite no matter how many others I’ve tried, and I’ve tried many believe me! There’s no comparison with drugstore products, this is hands down the best one as it removes makeup easily, it leaves your skin clean, you need just a nut size amount for cleansing the whole face and it lasts for months so it’s cheaper than drugstore ones! Price 10 euros.

Ginger sparkle home fragrance oil : it’s burning right now in my oil burner and the whole room smells of ginger and spice :) I can’t tell yet how long it lasts l need to let it burn and test it but so far so good! Price 5 euros.

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