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Monday, 30 December 2013

My top 5 products of 2013

This year is about to end , it will be 2014 in a bit more than 24 hours and I decided to write a list of the products l used the most this year ( and l will keep using them next year for sure!) .It wasn't easy to pick just 5 but eventually l thought of making a balanced list of high end and drugstore products and I chose those I found out about this year, they are all new to me basically and, once l tried them, I fell in love with them!
Let's start fairies! 

1. benefit stay don't stray

2. kiko infinity eyeshadows

3. mac retro matte lipsticks

4.urban decay de-slick mattyfing powder

5. maybelline mascara the falsies

Benefit stay don’t stray : it is my current favourite as eye primer, it’s not sticky, not thick, but it grabs eyeshadow powder like there’s no tomorrow! It does not crease, it will stay all day , colours will be vibrant for hours!

Kiko infinity eyeshadows: I’m gonna post a whole review with swatches in the following weeks, but for now l’ll tell you that l’m really impressed with them! I’ve got few kiko eyeshadows, mostly highlighters, and l think they’re alright considering the price, but kiko changed formulation with infinity eyeshadows and they are very buttery,pigmented and easy to blend! I love them, l also love that you can create your customized palette starting from a two colors one till a 24 colors one with the click system and that allows everyone to try them, but most of all I really like their texture and the great colors choice!

Mac retro matte lipsticks : when l was a teen l used to rock a shiseido matte lipstick in an orangey red shade and l repuschased it for years, it was my favourite lipstick of all time! It was high quality but the texture was sooo dry it was difficult to get an even application even though l did it and l loved it to bits! So when mac launched retro matte lipsticks it was like going back in time and l got so excited l wanted to try them! To my surprise (well not really…l guess 20 years have made a huge difference in formulation) they are smooth and they go on easily, they’re velvety and not patchy at all and the finish is total matte! When l read they are dry l’d like to turn back the time and show them what dry texture means lol! These are absolutely amazing!

Urban decay de-slick mattyfing powder : I’m always hunting for mattyfing powders that don’t look cakey because l’ve got oily skin and l need a powder that keeps my skin from shining. I’ve found my holy grail with this urban decay product: it does what it says, and my skin stays matte for hours. I can’t live without it!

Mascara Maybelline the falsies : as l wrote in my review , this is the best drugstore mascara l’ve ever tried! I like how thick lashes get after just few coats, l like the doll look you achieve and l like that it’s not too pasty or thick. It’s a great mascara and it’s not expensive at all, a must have!


  1. Urban decay de-slick mattyfing powder... I wear this like every single day! I don't like to wear foundation but I LOVE THIS, it's perfect for just getting rid of any shine and making my skin look porcelain. Brilliant recommendation. I'm dying to try the Maybelline 'falsies' mascara - looks amazing. <3

    1. you do! were twinsies l knew that :) its a very good product l love it! mascara is really good, perfect for a pixie like you, if you got the chance try it!