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Friday, 27 December 2013

Ringana fresh cosmetics review

Hi fairies , here l am with my first post after Christmas! How did it go for you? It went really well for me , I got lots of nice presents and l might show them in one of my next posts but for today l’m here with a review: l want to talk to you about Ringana , a cosmetic brands that stands for fresh naturalness and bundled effectiveness. It is nature itself that provides all of the ingredients for the RINGANA fresh cosmetics. Formulas with a scientific standard will not taint them. The correct extraction, processing and combination of active agents are needed to bring out their best benefits.
The effectiveness of the fresh cosmetics can be noticed immediately: The skin can quench its thirst and breathe again.
Ringana provides a high standard quality for their customers . Cosmetics are made fresh in short intervals and shipped directly to the consumer, they are rich in natural essences, free of problematic chemicals and therefore natural products at the same time.

Certified by LEFO and DARTSCH
The ingredients and formulas of the fresh RINGANA vital products are tested by the renowned LEFO Institute in Germany. This guarantees the high quality, correct dosages and correct labeling of each product, among other things. To ensure top quality, RINGANA is now also having its products analyzed and tested by Dartsch Scientific GmbH, Institute for Cell-Biological, Cruelty-Free Test Systems.
Animals love RINGANA too
RINGANA loves animals, which is why it is of supreme importance to not conduct any animal testing. The suppliers for our resources are also selected accordingly. RINGANA creates exclusively vegan or vegetarian products. The company fulfills the strict requirements of the leading positive lists by animal protection organizations such as PeTA and Vier Pfoten, which means it can designate itself as providing "consistent natural cosmetics".
On their online shop there are trial sets for normal to oily skin, oily skin, skin that tends to dryness and extremely dry skin. I tried the trial set for oily skin,Trial set 1 , and  here’s what you get :
Trial set packaging

Cleansing milk: how it’s described: This soap-free, extra fresh complex made from plant extracts, olive squalane, rose water and oils rich in lecithin cleanses the skin in such a gentle way that you wouldn’t have thought it possible. Also enriched with nurturing active substances that provide moisture, the soft milk leaves behind a pleasant feeling of well-being on the skin immediately after cleaning. The Cleansing Milk is especially to be recommended for the sensitive area around the eyes, eliminating the need for a special eye makeup remover.
What it does : it’s a very good cleansing milk, not harsh on your skin but very effective at removing makeup. It leaves your skin moisturized and with a fresh feeling .

Facial toner S : how it’s described : The wonderful plant-based tonics from RINGANA refresh, clear up and lastingly contract enlarged pores. The effective subsequent cleaning removes residues from the cleansing process and leaves behind nothing more than a pleasant cleanliness. The top-quality herbs that are contained in Facial Toner S soothe the skin and increase its absorbency for the subsequent care.
What it does : l haven’t noticed a difference in pores dimension but I’m using it after the cleansing milk and they’re a perfect match for achieving a cleaned skin free of impurities! It also helps to keep skin oil free.

Hydroserum : how it’s described : with its unique formula of active substances, works like morning dew against dryness, providing the skin with concentrated moisture. It bestows its unmistakable radiance, softness and freshness. Precious substances such as aloe vera, olive leaf extract, and rose water lastingly enchant your skin. Like magic, the tired skin cells awaken from their Sleeping Beauty repose noticeably relaxed and refreshed.
What it does : I’ve been using it as day cream and it’s not heavy on my skin, it gets easily absorbed but at the same time it gives my skin a moisturized finish. It’s a very good makeup base.

 Cream concentrate 1 : how it’s described : Allow yourself to be surprised by a unique experience in care. RINGANA microcell emulsions are a breakthrough to a completely new dimension of facial care. They combine the light skin feeling and excellent spreadability of oil-in-water emulsions with the moisturizing and nurturing effect of the tried
and true RINGANA water-in-oil emulsions. Experience a special kind of combination of active substances: the regenerating plant-based components have an invigorating effect and protect the skin in a gentle but lasting way.

RINGANA has thus created the perfect care for oily and normal skin/mixed skin - wonderfully light Cream Concentrates which not only effectively protect the skin against premature aging but also free it of impurities, have a regulating effect on sebum production, and at the same time are incomparably pleasant to apply.
An innovation in high-tech fresh cosmetics.
What it does : l’ve been using it as night cream just before going to bed and l like it a lot so far: it’s rich but not greasy, it gets easily absorbed and it nourishes my skin deeply. It’s got a very nice rose smell, not too strong , very natural.

My verdict:
I’m very pleased with these products, it’s not always easy to find good products for oily skin but this time l’m not disappointed: both the hydroserum and the cream concentrate are fantastic products that l will repurchase for sure! It’s also important to mention the philosophy behind the brand: cruelty free, vegan, no animal testing, recyclable packaging, a must for all of us looking for good quality cosmetics that respect the environment!

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